About TRX Lounge

The simple answer is TRX Lounge is where blockchain projects come to receive services geared toward elevating awareness of the project’s existence and benefits to the blockchain community. More specifically, TRX Lounge aims to aid project owners in introducing and marketing their respective tokens in the blockchain, helping bring cognizance needed to drive later stages of project development and implementation forward.

Often, projects can stall in the planning stages as owners come face to face with the demands of creating a blockchain endeavor. The reasons vary but can run anywhere from lack of knowledge to financial issues; any of which result in making moving forward with the nascent project appear insurmountable. TRX Lounge makes marketing resources available for projects needing financial aid, a expansive knowledge base or simply the ability to reach more potential customers than could otherwise be encompassed alone.

TRX Lounge aims to make it easier for people all over the world to have access to free Tron coins; In particular those who otherwise would have limited or no access. Our ultimate goal for the app is to make marketing and advertising less daunting while also making it fun and educational for community members.

Token Sale

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

Starting time :

4/28/2019 09:30:00

Ending time :

3/1/2020 10:30:00

Tokens exchange rate

1 DTL = 0.5 TRX

Sale Raised Soft-caps
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TRXLounge Distribution

  • Team
  • Technology
  • Expenses
  • Rewards/ Airdrops
  • Games and Dapps
  • ICO

TRXLSilver Distribution

  • Frozen
  • Dividends/Airdrop/Rewards
  • Games or Dapps
  • TRX Community Sale
  • Team
  • Voting

TRX Lounge App Vision

TRX Lounge App will be a Tron Community where you can socialize and drop Tron coins for friends , business or fun. This community will be geared towards marketing projects on the Tron Blockchain. TRX Lounge will be “The Future of BlockchainMarketing today”. The TRX Lounge App will not only have socializing attraction, it will also enable us to send Marketing Information, airdrops, and advertisements to the entire community simultaneously simply with a click of a button. We will have the community vote for the new projects they want to learn more about. Our TRX Lounge community will also help spread Tron to people all over the world by giving out free coins to the community and allowing people who would not normally be able to have access to receive free information and Tron coins. The TRX Lounge App will also allow basic online video courses for people who would like to learn more about understanding the decentralizing of Tron Blockchainand Cryptocurrency. Where they receive TRXLounge(DTL), TRXLSilver(DTLS)or select Tron coin rewards by logging in taking tests, watching videos and increasing in levels of completion.



Have Any Questions?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

TRX Lounge App will be a Community App where people can sign up using only their email address and no other personal information. The App will be fun and it’s main use will be to provide a place where projects can get fast, detailed and reliable service based on any number of categories depending on user interests.
Yes, If you are the owner of a crypto project in need of marketing, you can receive a discount on marketing services by using TRC10 TRXLounge (DTL) ID: 1002366. Future uses also 2% of all TRXLounge received for paying for marketing services go into the DTL Marketing Fund. **(New) 48% TRXLounge (DTL) ID 1002366 received to pay for marketing services will be burned. If you are a holder of the token, (future) all holders will be eligible for dividend pay-outs based on the amount you hold in your crypto wallet.
Simply put, TRXLSilver (DTLS) ID:1002523 is the pay-out token when dividends are dealt. It also serves as a reward token for doing social media tasks as well as a prize token awarded through giveaways. It will also be an in-game currency in games and DAPPs developed on the Tron Blockchain.
A way to help practically anyone with a legitimate project. DTL Marketing Fund helps to cover the cost of marketing for projects with a lack of funds when using TRX Lounge Marketing Services.
Contact Dawnn on Telegram and GuildChat at @Laceypearls or email Dawnn@TRXLounge.com for more details.